Short Hairstyles Make You Look Younger

Believe it or not, adjusting the length of your hair can vanish years off your appearance! Learn the tricks of the trade below.

Short hairstyles are suitable for those trying to look younger. They will not only raise your confidence level but will also transform your personality giving you an independent look. Short hairstyles can be easy to maintain and require less time to do. Some of the latest short hairstyles doing the rounds of fashion are the messy styles, boy cuts, short hair with bangs.

If you have short hair, instead of growing it, you can style it in any of the latest short hairstyles to look completely different. Those with long hair wanting to cut it, first, should get to know what all thee styles would suit their face before trying it. It can take a few months to regrow the hair again if the short hairstyle does not suit them.

Another variation is the messy hairstyle that is choppy on the top with fringes dropping towards one side of the forehead giving flair to the face. The side bangs are swept lightly in a slightly messy manner to add contrast.Boy cuts are never out of fashion with so much variation to mix and match for this type of short hairstyle. You can have a straight boy cut or layer your short hair on the top of the head. The layers can be blended to fold in each other giving you a cute look and bringing out your facial features.

Short hair bangs is a style that suits those who want to keep things simple and yet trendy. The hair is layered in a simple manner with asymmetrical bangs flipping out from the sides. The hair falling over the forehead can be left to cover it completely or you can comb it in one direction.
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Short Curly Hairstyles Summer 2010

Short curly hairstyles are truly cooler than the other side of the pillow, in fact they literally keep your head cool while giving off a trendy yet sophisticated style in return.

Many famous people are opting for short curly hairstyles of late. Britney Spears has adorned a wonderfully cute short curly style in her most recent video called “Circus” where her hair is just falling at chin length and has a wonderful loose wave all over it. This is a very 50’s inspired look and it would seem that this 50’s era is coming back in fashion with many of the world’s most famous women opting for this style at the recent Oscar awards.

Short curly hairstyles have the bonus of shorting most face shapes although it has been known for them to make a long face look much longer so perhaps if this is you, you should opt for a slightly longer cut. Also, short curly hairstyles generally look much better with the right makeup which generally means not a lot so if you have a tendency of wearing a lot of makeup, the look can be rather clown-like and not ladylike, which should be the look you are going for.

Hair accessories look great in short curly hairstyles as many of the world’s most famous ladies have shown us. A glittering pair of earrings look great peeking out from behind the curls of this achievable look and with the right amount of bling, you can find that you look good enough to attend any red carpet event.

One thing that you will need to be careful of with short curly haircuts is the fact that the wrong cut can look rather 80’s so unless this is the look that you are going for, it is best to speak advice from a professional hairstylist.
Short Curly Hairstyles Summer 2010
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How to Have Nice Conditioned Hair

One of the worst problems for girl’s hair is poorly conditioned hair. This leads to dryness, frizz and many other things which just simply will not do. Honey and olive oil mixed together in equal parts is a great concoction that can be used to achieve better quality of hair. This is best for the roots of the hair and should be applied to dry hair and then leave the head wrapped in a towel for around thirty minutes before shampooing out with the mildest shampoo that you can get your hands on.
Five teaspoons of mayonnaise is perfect for sorting out hair that is flaky or dry and when applied to the hair around half an hour before you are due to wash it and this can help to get rid of the ugly hair that you do not want anymore. You can even follow this up with a mixture of a liter of water that has about half a teaspoon of honey in it as a conditioner which should be rinsed out but rather left overnight.
Lemon is great for blonde hair and can not only help to really bring out the color of the blonde but can also act as a natural conditioner which can be added to commercially bought conditioners or added to cold tea as another great conditioning product for the hair.
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New Short Hair Ideas For Summer Season

Many of us are striving to become trend setters and achieve the latest hairstyles before they become too popular.

Here is a nice collection of some new unique short hairstyles which haven't been over popularized just yet.

Short Trendy Bob Hairstyle.
Short Dyed Punk Hairstyle.
Short Edgy Blonde Hairstyle.
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Nice Blonde Hairstyles for Spring

Spring time is here and its time for a new hairstyle! And within this marvelous gallery of blonde hairstyles, you are surly to find a beautiful blonde hairstyle that tickles your fancy. The hardest part is deciding which one is the best blonde hairstyle.

With so many shades to choose from, almost everyone can be a blonde. But what is the most suitable shades for you? Let share some of the latest hair color shades and hairstyles tips here.
Pink Shampagne
One of the newest iridescent blondes, pink champagne look lighter and cooler. Low lights are a must to add essential depth and dimension. So by balancing the low light to highlight ratio, even women with subtly warm skin tones can give this shade a spin.
Vanilla Ice Cream
The lightest blonde of the pack recalls natural white blonde childhoods and summers in the sun. The touch of vanilla bean prevents the color from washing out.
Desert Sunset
This light warm blonde hairstyle is easy, fresh and feminine that’s the best way to describe this slightly long jaw length bob that’s suddenly turning up everywhere. Perfect for baby, fine, straight hair, the look is lightly layered to add lift. this blonde hair can be blown-out, to boost volume, finish by popping in hot roller. Light, side bangs that spill into one eye.
Blonde Hair Styles for Spring
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Paris Hilton’s Cute Bob Hairstyles

Here we have some of the cutest and most stylish short Bob hairstyles worn by the fabulous Paris Hilton.

Paris Hilton is famous for many things and to be honest, her hair is not normally one of them. However, she seems to have followed a trend this time rather than tried to set one and has followed the likes of Victoria Beckham and Katie Holmes by being the next celebrity starlet to be seen sporting the “Pob”

With the bob coming into its 100th year, more and more celebrities are influencing us with their take on the normal bob. With Posh Spice, Victoria Beckham bringing about the Pob, Rihanna bringing about a new and fresh take on the bob and most other celeb’s having their unique versions sported it is no wonder that everyone is jumping on the less is more bandwagon.

This style of bob seems to be the latest thing in Tinseltown and with more celebrities seen sporting such a hairstyle, it has had women from all corners of the globe rushing to the hairdressers to recreate the look. I wonder how many women will now be asking for the “Parish” rather than the “Victoria?”
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Rihanna’s Best Short Haircuts

Are you trying to recreate one of Rihannas recent haircuts? Well, you are not the only one, in fact many people are asking their hairdressers “How to get Rihannas haircut?” It’s time for a little show and tell!
Rihannas short Hairstyles
The sexy bob that is angled to one side that is shorted at the back and longer at the front actually needs a lot more work than originally thought. It can be cut to be an even length bob on both sides and then arrange so that it appears asymmetrical but the best thing to do is have it cut like this if you want the full on Rihanna effect.

Chemical relaxers are normally used with hair that isn’t already dead straight and this is best achieved in the hairdressers to reduce the risk of burnt scalps. Once this is completed, straightening the hair is necessary to give it that poker straight look that has become reminiscent of the young singers hairstyle. The hair is then cut while it is straight to give the best results.
Rihannas sexy bob Hairstyle
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Trendy Short Hairstyles - Spring 2010

Its almost spring time and there is no better time to get a new short trendy hairstyle.

Many girls don’t like the idea after their hair stylist suggests a short hairstyle. Getting one of those cute
short hairstyles can become your advantage. A trendy short hairstyle can be really nice and easy to maintain.
Your face shape needs to go with the hairstyle you select and your hairstylist can advice you better about it You will also need to take a look into the hair care products that would be needed to maintain your cute short hairstyle. Your hairstyle also needs to be compatible with your lifestyle, the kind of make-up you us e normally and the color of your hair.
Get one of those sexy short hairstyles today to look smarter, charming and to save time on maintaining your hair. Gone are the days when you needed to style your hair every time you went out, with a short hairstyle you will just need to comb it.
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Short Choppy Hairstyles 2010

Many of us aspire for originality when choosing a hairstyle, but often find it hard to achieve nowadays, however a short choppy hairstyle is perhaps your best bet.

Short choppy hairstyles are the latest in hair fashion today. Choppy hairstyles have a quality of transforming a set of simple hair into a great piece of hair-do.
Short Choppy Hairstyles
Short choppy hairstyles are different and portray the person sporting them in an entirely different light. These hairstyles also have the quality of changing simple cuts into great ones and enhance the charm and the look. A word of caution though, these short choppy hairstyles are not for everyone and provide stunning goods looks to whom they suit best.
Short Choppy Hairstyles
If you want one of the most stunning choppy hairstyles, you will need to consult your hairstylist to ascertain that it suits your facial shape and the color and texture of your hair. Although short choppy hairstyles go great with oval, round as well as long facial types, it is important that you consult the hairstylist to make sure that you visualize yourself in one of these haircuts and approve.
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How to Wear Short Haircuts and Avoid Trends

Short hair seems to be a trend with celebrities in 2010, more than just a few are going for the various bob looks that are out. Rihanna has set the trend for super short hair while stars such as Paris Hilton and Katie Holmes are rocking the chin-length bob. However, if you are looking for short hair to accentuate your facial features, there are a few things that you should bear in mind.

How to Wear Short Haircut and beat trends.
First of all, if you are a tall woman with rather a stocky build then short hair can look rather masculine on you unless you have a very feminine style with curls or add cute accessories such as pretty hair clips, bows or hair bands. For figures such as these, a longer length style is better that still incorporates the short appeal for example, hair that is longer at the front and shorter at the back, very much like Victoria Beckham was seen sporting.
How to Wear Short Haircut and beat trends.
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Kate Moss Blonde Hair

The fabulous long time English model, Kate Moss, has been known to try her hand in several different hair colors throughout her illustrious career, and perhaps none better than her blonde adventure.

In fact, this naturally dark brown haired lady seems to be going exclusively blonde, over the last few years.
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